Municipalities/Water Districts

Brushy Creek MUD
Crystal Clear SUD
Canyon Regional Water Authority
City of Cedar Park
City of Round Rock
City of Stephenville
City of Selma
City of Temple
Cross Roads Utility Service
El Paso County Water Authority
Horizon Regional MUD
Lakeway MUD
Travis County WCID No. 17

Engineering Firms

Davis & Associates
Gray Engineering
HDR Engineering
KPA Engineers
LNV, Inc.
M&S Engineering
MRB Group
TRE & Associates
Walker Partners


Project References

New Construction Projects
25+ Composite Elevated Storage Tanks
20+ Single Pedestal Elevated Storage Tanks
35+ Legged Elevated Storage Tanks
30+ Ground Storage Tanks
20+ Standpipes

Rehabilitation Projects
75+ assorted styles of Storage Tanks

TCEQ Annual Tank Inspections
300+ assorted styles of Storage Tanks
In-Service utilizing underwater ROV

Tank Integrity Assessments
150+ assorted styles of Storage Tanks

Project Management Projects
Rehabilitation of 20+ Storage Tanks

Active Water Tank Evaluation Programs
City of Round Rock
Travis County Water Control District No. 17
City of Cedar Park

HOT is currently managing the program set forth by these entities consisting of a comprehensive survey of all their water storage tanks that they own and operate. This program consists of evaluating the condition of the protective coatings on the inside and outside of the tanks, evaluating the structural condition of the steel components of the tanks, and determining if the tanks meet current TCEQ and OSHA safety standards. Once all of the data is collected from the evaluations, a comprehensive report is provided that includes condition asset and corrosion analysis of the reservoirs and components. Recommendations for repairs are made in the reports for the reservoirs and components. The reports also included cost estimates for rehabilitation of the tanks with an itemized scope, anticipated rehabilitation year and a 10 year spending plan for CIP Budgeting. To date approximately 25 tanks have been rehabilitated under the management, specification preparation and quality assurance process performance by HOT over the past 20 years.